I’m back!

Salam to all my BTB!
I’m sorry if I haven’t been updating for the last 2 months because I’m just so caught up and tired from work that I can’t find a time to actually update you girls and I apologize from that. So many things have been going on be it good or bad but alhamdulillah all is well now. 
So so so….. It’s like 8 months left now till wedding day. I’m starting to panic a little but trying to keep myself calm at the same time. So far what has been done for the past 1 month…

1) got items from Ikea for the center pieces for the tables and some items for the candy corner. All thanks to my mum who actually knows my taste of what I like and what I don’t. And I’m so happy!! So far so good and thanks Ibu for helping me out!! 

2) mum and dad went to JB to actually survey my berkat items and also places to tailor made Semp’s baju nikah and baju sanding. Plus they also found a place where we could actually do our wedding card for a super super affordable price and plus the cards are like those modern days wedding invitation card and it’s just how I like it to be!!! I can’t wait to go and print out my cards most probably few month before wedding day! 

3) we got a few items for our dulangs and also discussed what other items we needed to include as we didn’t want to exceed our budget. We don’t really care what people want to say if our items or our dulangs are so little or whatever because it’s our wedding not theirs. People will confirm say something stupid but you know, just ignore *flips tudung* haha!!

4) We also survey small furnitures and also beds at Ikea cause of course we need to get it before we actually get married. I can’t probably squeeze into his single size bed cause I would take up the whole bed. HAHAHA. Anyhoos not so wedding stuffs but still excited to choose them. Prolly just want something simple and nice. And we were planning to get in November so we still have time to think and maybe change our mind to get it somewhere else instead. Maybe…. Hehe. As long as the bed is comfy I am sooo fine with it!

5) Also, alhamdulillah managed to deposit some amounts to my Mak andam who is my girlfriend in sec sch! You girls if want to carik Mak andam for any occasions, contact me and I intro you to my friend k yallzzz. She power la. And also her prices are reasonable! 

6) I have already looked through some dresses for my bridesmaids but I still want to find them something better than what I see prolly just cause I want them to look as beautiful on my big day. Hopefully I’m able to purchase it by next month! >.< Erk I can’t wait actually. 

So, that’s is all the updates that I have for the mean time and actually I’m glad things are going the way it should be alhamdulillah. Thank you to my mum, my dad, my Aunty, my bambam(Semp) and for all those who are involved in my wedding planning, thank you so much  and may Allah SWT grant all of u great health and wealth. Insyaallah 🙂





Assalamualaikum to all my BTB!

I’m back after a month away from this blog. I’ve been so busy and tired with work so I didn’t really have any time to update my blog but tonight I have some little free time and also one of reader actually ask me to update (you know who you are *winks winks*) so here’s an update for what I have did for my wedding for the month of February! 
Alhamdulillah, we already got some of the items for our dulangs which are important than the rest of the items. What we got was our Sejadah which is super pretty and I love it so much, thanks to my mum who helped us get it and also my telekung! Can’t wait to use it when we solat together, hehe Insyaallah!! Also we got a matching tasbih, thanks to my mum also because she’s the one who gets all the items for us as she’s is also the one who will do the gubahan tray for both of us! Alhamdulillah, we don’t have to go around finding for people to do our dulang. Previously when I got engaged my mum was the one who actually prepared my dulang! Here’s a picture of it!! Even the setup of my room and my bedding were settled by my awesome mother! Hehe!!!

So, about 2 weeks ago, me, my mum, my Aunty and of course my dear Saiful, met up and discuss about some stuffs for our wedding and we kinda told my mum the wants and everything so she’s like our wedding planner! Ahaha. So we have decided to actually just stick to having the event for one day and not two days. So nikah and sanding would be on the same day itself. We also decided and thought that we wanted to have another baju which will be more traditional like the kain songket. But both of us are still considering about it tho. Aside from that, I can’t wait for the end of February because only then, we will get to know whether our application for the Sales of Balance Flat is successful or not. But if not, we would actually have a second chance for the ballot because we just got our first HDB letter!!!! Alhamdulillah!! Keep us in your prayers. 

Recently about last week, we were browsing through some shops to look for my wedding ring as my fiancé don’t want a wedding ring so he’s just gonna get me mine!!!! Most probably next month or April perhaps? We’ll see! So other than that I’m just gonna wait for next month so I can pay off my Mak andam and maybe settle some other dulang stuffs! It’s 10 months away and I’m feeling super nervous. May He ease our journey and guide us through the whole process Insyaallah amin 🙂 

I’ll see you guys in my next post! Stay tune darlas!! 




Salam to my BTB!
Alhamdullilah so far January has been really good for the both of us, but sadly both of us are sick as in having chicken pox right now and the fiance is having high fever. But alhamdullilah both of us are getting well soon. 

So here’s the update! 

Last weekend, we went for our marriage preparation course and it really taught us a lot of things which we would definitely use for our marriage in the future, Insyaallah. It was really fun though! They taught us quite a lot about what we could do in marriage, what’s important, financially and all that kind of things which I would not expose that much because you girls will go through this soon! So alhamdullilah, after the course ended we received a certificate from them! And we did really reflect a lot about if we are really ready and alhamdullilah we think we are and also would improve ourselves along the way, Insyaallah. 

So that’s that about the kursus, nothing much for me to talk about because different people have different views about it. Some will say it’s a waste of money, some will say it’s good, i don’t know it’s not for me to tell you guys but it it’s beneficial for us both 🙂

Aside from that, we have been discussing about whether to have a kompang group play for us during we get in together. Well at first the both of us didn’t want to because we felt it isn’t needed but then again, tradition wise we decided to include kompang in our wedding list! So we did go through a few and honestly the both of us wanted Akrab Kompang to play for us but they couldn’t at all as the date was already occupied for them. So they suggested us two groups and one of them is Asy Syakur! So you got us right, we straight away booked them and alhamdullilah we deposited the amount and the balance would be paid during our wedding day itself. I actually thought that we wouldn’t want to have any kompang played during our wedding but it’ll be kind of weird honestly. So yay! One thing off the list! Inshallah for next month, it would be to pay a full amount for the Mak andam! Ah the days are going by too fast and I’m so nervous about it. But Insyaallah with a lot of doa, He will make it a smooth journey for us! 

So that’s about it for January updates!



January Updates! 

Assalamualaikum to all my BTB!

So, January is here and I have 11 months left till my wedding day. Technically about 10 before my wedding month. Because my wedding date is 11/12/16! I am so super excited actually but all I hope is that, Allah would ease my journey throughout all my plannings these upcoming months.

For January, I don’t really have anything to pay yet, so money is being saved and kept safe and sound with my mum who is also my personal banker. Haha! Wait till we get married and we’d definitely open a combined account together, for now, my mum would do the job of keeping my money. Hehe.

So, basically I’ve actually kinda decided on who’s gonna be my bridesmaid and also I’ve been surveying nice wedding cards. It’s a secret for now, but I’ll definitely let you guys know who I actually picked to do my wedding card because honestly, her designs are soooooo simple yet lovely and pretty, just what I like. 

Our marriage course is this upcoming weekends. I’ll update you guys how it goes. I’m so nervous tho but at the same time, I’m super excited much!!!! 

Keep us in your dua, Insyaallah amin.

See you guys in my next post, Insyaallah! 




Salam Everyone! 

So I know that I haven’t been posting a blog for a very long time. So here’s the update. I’m already ENGAGED!!! And it’s already December which means I only have about 11 months more to prepare for my wedding!!!!! OMG SO EXCITING!

For this post, I’ll just update you guys with what I have prepared for the past 2 months ever since I got engaged!

Firstly, about a few weeks after I got engaged, we went to Arab St to get our wedding cloths like lace and all that thingy, I kinda forgot what shop was that called so we only bought 2 pairs of cloths because we were only gonna have 2 outfits. Which is one for the nikah and one for the sanding! Both our kain cost us about $500? And that we haven’t include Mr Fiancé’s kain songket for his tanjak and also samping! Plus it hasn’t been tailored yet. The reason why we bought the kain and wanted to tempah instead of rent, was just because we wanted to be different and only have that to ourselves! I really can’t wait for it! And for the songket we’re most probably getting it about early 2016 with my mum! 

So for the month of December, we decided to pay off full amount for our DJ which is also our friend’s dad who’s running a family business and we got it at a super good price of $580!! It’s including having an acoustic set up for our friends to play for us! Hahaha! It’s soooo exciting.

So that’s about it for now! I’ll definitely update my journey throughout this entire wedding planning just for my Brides to Be out there! Much loves, assalamualaikum!




Yes! I’ve printed out my solo zine whereby I have some positive views and some drawings of my own and compiled it up. I decided that I should print the zine in black and white first instead of colours so I’m still processing for the colored zine! But hey at least I’ve got my black and white zine printed out!!! I’m so excited! And I did some pins and sold it too but not expensive and totally affordable for DIY pins. You can go over to Instagram and search me @quirkartz where I post most of my works there! 

Good news is, I’m already in the process of doing my next issue for the zine! I’m so excited for this one! Wuuhuu.

On a side note; engagement is in 8 days time! Omg I’m so excited!!! 



El Zine Chica

So I’ve decided that I wanted to do a solo femme zine. And most probably will be releasing the first issue hopefully by end September or early October. I might be doing my own DIY pins and in future to come, maybe some cute jewelry. I can’t wait for this exciting things that I have planned for myself. I hope all works well for me. 

Sneak peek of what it’s gonna be like. I’m still thinking if I should make it a color or just black and white zine. 


And so, I’ve decided to actually make a new Instagram account to post my artwork and express more of how I feel. I am also working on a new project of my own and hopefully after September I’ll be able to release it. I’m so excited for what the future holds for me. May this be a new journey for me and for my passion.

Below are some of my artwork just in case if u don’t have any Instagram account! 
That’s all for today, lovelies.



New Chapter.

This is definitely the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me in my entire 22 years of living. Thank you to my family and friends who has supported me and Semp from the very beginning up till now, I’m thankful for that. Big thanks to my soon-to-be fiancé, Saiful, for making this possible for us and for our future. We have come this far to achieve what we both actually want, which is to be together till jannah, insyallah. Counting down the days and I’m getting super nervous as the day passes by. Praying that everything will run smoothly for us. Amin. Thank you all for your prayers and especially to our parents who have made this possible for us. May Allah guide us both to having a better future together, Insyaallah!